About us

Choralis Art offers original decorations to enhance and brighten your space. It is our joy to create products from wood that offer a maximum of precision and a fine sense of detail. We bring you unique and modern artistic elements made from fine quality woods such as cherry, maple, ash and pine. A unique addition is Acrylperlen glass, characterised by its variegated, gentle nature and also beautiful crystals. You will be especially attracted by the exclusive look of the hand-painted and gilded elements. Choralis Art: the guarantee of inimitable decoration!

Nothing will enrich your lounge, lobby or other rooms like the uniquely rich colours of Choralis Art. The endless choice of different products is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding customer, with everyone sure to find what they are looking for. While beauty may reside in simplicity, this does not mean you should not be different or original. Now is the time to start your Choralis Art collection with your own piece of art.